March 20-22, 2015 San Diego, CA
Friday 9am-10pm
Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday  9am-6pm


Select from More than 90 Uplifting Presentations, Exercises, Activities, Workshops, and Keynotes Offering Empowering Information on 3 Stages All Weekend Long!  We Will Be Updating This Page Each Week with New Topics and Activities You Will Get to Experience at the Event.


Inflammation and Cancer: The Role of Natural Anti-inflammatories to Prevent, Treat and Reverse Chronic Diseases and Cancer - Sunil Pai, MD

I will describe the role of inflammation being the triggering mechanisms that makes all chronic diseases including cancer worse. I will focus on the specific use of natural ingredients such as Curcumin, Boswellia, Ginger, Black Pepper as strong natural anti-inflammatories individually but even better when used synergistically at certain potencies, purities and delivery systems.   I educate on how to choose these safe and clinically effective natural therapies/food ingredients based on quality of manufacturing and source of where they are grown and processed. I finally will provide a summary of the mechanisms of action and clinical data to support their use for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and cancer and how they can be used by themselves or integratively with conventional oncology treatments to improve outcomes.

Virotherapy: Changing the Cancer Treatment Paradigm - Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D.

Virotherapy represents a new era in science-based cancer medicine, breaking through decades of toxic treatment paradigms. Rigvir® is an ECHO-7 enterovirus found in the intestines of young children. This virus shares a common trait with a few others in its ability to seek, multiply in, and destroy cancer cells, while at the same time disrupting their inherent cloaking mechanism that shields them from the body's immune system. Rigvir®, is unique in its exclusive cytotoxicity toward cancer cells without the inherent ability of causing any disease on its own. In an environment where big pharma companies are racing to create patentable, genetically modified versions of pathogenic viruses (e.g., measles, HIV, herpes, influenza) to treat cancer, Rigvir® remains the only genetically unmodified virus with proven efficacy against a wide range of cancers at all stages.

Living Cancer-Free - Bill Henderson

After coaching over 5,000 cancer patients all over the world, Bill feels that he now has been taught by them why people get cancer and how they get over it. Bill believes there is never a point where anyone should give up on getting their cancer under control. Understanding the causes of the cancer and reversing them is an essential part of this. He will try to educate you about these causes and their reversal.

New Advancements in Integrative Cancer Treatment- Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. will be introducing the latest, most exciting technologies in alternative cancer treatment including GcMAF/Goleic, Nanovated Hydrotherapy Treatments, IV Curcumin, Ozone & much more!

Sick and tired of treating symptoms? - Marcus Freudenmann

Cancer has many causes which need to be resolved in order to achieve lasting health and prosperity. Instead of treating the symptom (cancer), Marcus will present a protocol which helps you to define all underlying causes of cancer and shows you how to prioritize them into a treatment protocol. This treatment protocol then turns into a road map towards lasting health.

How to Integrate More Health Simply into your life Everyday - Liana Werner-Gray

I will provide the audience with content that they can use to implement more health simply into their life every-single-day. I will focus on simple yet really effective health tips, tools and recipes that people can do to add more health to their life. I will interact with the audience and find out people's biggest blocks, "What is stopping them from being healthy" - and then show them ways to breakthrough that. If time is an issue, I will talk about implementing making a batch of smoothies on Sunday and then taking them to work with them all week. If it is money that is holding them back they can do lemon water and I will discuss affordable ways to get organic produce. I will also mention that living a healthier lifestyle is always more cost effective so they don't have to pay for treatments later in life if they get sick. If they feel like it's too late, I will show them how they can switch that negative voice off and kill it with a green juice.

Natural Solutions for Optimum Health - Maria aparis

California based Health & Wellness Expert, Maria Aparis is presenting the powerful and informative ancient wisdom of healing with essential oils. Gain access to life changing tools that will inspire you to empower yourself to optimum health.

Future Health NOW - Dr. Norm Shealy M.D., Ph.D.

At least 95% of Americans are born healthy and become unhealthy because of human misbehavior, some personal and some societal. Although we can not individually change the societal behaviors, we can adopt many essential habits to enhance heath and extend a healthy life. These include optimal nutrition, physical activity, health enhancement practices and attitude, coupled with a life devoted to our highest spiritual ideals.

How To Turn On Your Cancer Fighting Genes - Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., OMD

How to use foods, herbs, spices, nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to talk to your DNA so that you can turn on cancer suppressor genes and turn off cancer promoter genes to arrest the growth, development and spread of cancer and signal cancer cells to die.

Get Well, Stay Well and Live Well Beyond Cancer: a doctor patient dialogue discussing how to recover from the short term and long term side effects of aggressive cancer treatments and create a body where cancer cannot thrive so that you can take control of your health, get your life back and prevent cancer from recurring.

Gaining Vitality in the Modern World - Pedram Shojai, OMD

How to green up your life, up your energy, and find meaning in purpose as taught by a modern Urban Monk.  Pedram Shojai, OMD is a man with many titles. He is the founder of Well.Org, the editor of BeMore! Magazine, the author of Rise and Shine (Process, 2011), the producer and director of the movie “Vitality,” and the upcoming film, “Origins.” In his spare time, he’s also a taoist priest, a doctor of Oriental medicine, a kung fu world traveler, a fierce global green warrior, an avid backpacker, a devout alchemist, a Qi Gong Master, and an old school Jedi bio-hacker working to preserve our natural world and wake us up to our full potential.

"Shake Your Soul®": Healing Through Movement - Lori Hanna

This workshop will describe how Shake Your Soul® yoga dance helps to bring the full sense of self into an outer expression by: identifying the fluid qualities in the movement, its impact on the systems of the body and its role in healing.

Enhance your conference experience with an introduction to Shake Your Soul® yoga dance as part of this workshop. Wear comfortable clothes and prepare to connect to your body’s aliveness as we move energy in this non-competitive, non-judgmental community.

Living the Life You Were Born To Live! – Keys to Being Healthy and Vitally Alive – At Every Age - Sedena and George Cappannelli

Conventional medicine offers great support when we have accidents or are facing serious or life-threatening illness and medical conditions. And there is something else we can do to thrive and live lives of greater health, balance and well-being in mind, body and spirit. AgeNation’s Co-Founders, authors of the award-winning book, Do Not Go Quietly, are issuing a clarion call to “people who weren’t born yesterday” and to young people who want to know more and better prepare for the future. Their mission is to help inform, inspire, engage and transform lives by offering practical, cutting-edge solutions and simple, yet powerful strategies that will allow us to live lives of greater meaning and purpose, dramatically improve our well-being and sense of wholeness and learn to thrive in a stress-filled world. By encouraging us to harvest the experience and wisdom of our past (both our stumbles and successes) and invest this gold in living more awake, aware and empowered lives in each present moment, George and Sedena allow us to chart a new and more vital and successful life for the future – a future that is more sane, sustainable, and much more enjoyable.

The Scientific Basis of Information Medicine - Mark Abadi

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Understand how information (energy) moves continuously inside and outside the body and how you can use this interactive field of information to balance dis-orders before they become physically grounded dysfunctions. The science of early detection and preventative integrated health. Explore how the piezoelectric nature of the collagen connective tissues (as well as actin, myosin, DNA & RNA -the living matrix) act as a analogue encoders and emitters of both photonic (electromagnetic) and phononic (sound) information fields. Understand how these systems penetrate across the cell membrane, forming physical coding in the microtubles deep into the nucleus of the cell. Combine this with the digital neurological communication system and you have a pair of self supporting yet disparate communication pathways within the Human physical body. This dualistic separation is mimicked in the structure of the Human psyche, where declarative and procedural memographical recordings locate in specific brain regions, as do numerous other bipolar traits such as language and spatial awareness, or logic and emotions.

The Controversial Role Of Antioxidants In Cancer Therapy - Al Sanchez

We hear about antioxidants almost on a daily basis, what is good, something has a great antioxidant value or shows to beneficial in this case or that case. Yet if you ask most doctors, they will dismiss them and even more so if it is in regard to a therapy, they will either say they are not helpful or they are even dangerous to use. Yet integrative practitioners and people have been using them successfully in their practice and in support of their health and treatments and I would like to present the most current data, supported by research and outcomes on how and when they can be used.

Health Mixology - Know how to use the right tool at the right time - ELIXER Jewall

In this 50 minute presentation you will learn:
* How to prognose your state of health in 10 seconds or less
* 3 of the fastest ways to power up, even if you don't have enough energy
* How to END the health drama rama

Side effects may include but not limited to:
More Energy
Giggle fits
Live Long + Die Fast
Mental Clarity
Improved Relationships

Diffusing The Cancer Time Bomb - Dr. V

Cancer statistics are staggering and according to the WHO, cancer rates will rise 57% in the next 20 years. That means that you can no longer ignore the possibility of developing cancer.

The good news is that there are specific steps, called The 7 Essentials, that guide you to true prevention. If you are on a cancer healing journey, The 7 Essentials teach you to take responsibility for your health and heal your body.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition - Patrick Quillin

A well-nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease and its therapies. Nutrition support is essential for all cancer patients, but not sufficient as sole therapy for any cancer patient. Optimal nutrition support through food and supplements, and total parenteral nutrition (if necessary) can prevent or reverse common cancer cachexia, minimize collateral damage to host tissue from cytotoxic therapies of chemo and radiation, optimize immune functions to recognize the inevitable remaining cancer cells, minimize blood and gut glucose available to the obligate glucose metabolizing cancer cells, and provide nutrients for cancer apoptosis and other valuable functions.

Three Secrets You Need to Know That Helped Me Conquer Stage IV Cancer! - Elaine Gibson

I will share my journey and outline the three secrets so that the attendees have concrete practical information to begin their journey to optimal health.

From Bulimic to Beautiful - Andrea Cox

Although I am happy to have put my eating disorder as a fitness model behind me I will never forget the path that I have gone through to get me where I am today. I wrote about this in my first book Raw-lic-ious and have been working on my third book day and night to go into details about how I healed my mind and my body.

It has been nine years since I fought the battle and one! Now I have received national coverage in the media and authored two books helping others heal their body through juicing, body love and living raw vegan foods!

What's in your water? - Leo Szymborski

Problems with the water today and how how fix it.
How to make the water healthier by structuring, mineralizing, and alkalizing the water.
The effect of alkaline water has on cancer and other diseases, the water health effect on the body.


Emotional Trauma, Energy Healing & Cancer - Carlos Caridad

I'll talk about:
- My observations on energy healing throughout my life, specially on my 23 years of experience working on an hyperthermia cancer clinic in Los Angeles.
- How chronic emotional trauma can mutate our body cells and develop cancer.
- Scientific proof of the efficacy of energy healing dissolving cancer. I have a 5 minutes shocking video to show on this subject.
- Healing the 4 parts of our bodies: Energy, Emotions, Mental and Physical.
- How healing our energy first leads to the healing of our physical body, mind and emotions.
- My experiences as Reiki energy healing practitioner

The Human Biofield- the missing dimension in healthcare - Eileen McKusick

Eileen will share the structure of the biofield and describe how locating and treating the source point of traumas, self-limiting beliefs, emotional imbalances and more within this field can yield profound and immediate relief from pain, anxiety, PTSD and more. We will also look at the science behind how and why this and other biofield manipulation therapies work in the body, and why treating energetic imbalances in the field before they manifest in the physical makes sense.

The Whole Being Diet: Life Changing Recipes for Health and Happiness - Cristina Smith

When we are faced with disease, we need to remember that we are more than just our physical bodies, just like there is more to a car than its body. We need to be able to work with an intentional balance of all of our components- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to maximize our health. In this dynamic session filled with tips and tools to help stir more health and wellness into your life, you will:
Discover the four main types of diet and how to integrate them into your life
Learn recipes for personal optimum wellness
Find out how to improve your well being right away
(50 minute presentation) Experience an integrative personal healing session

Inflammation & Cancer: The Role of a Plant Based Diet - Sunil Pai, MD

I will describe the role of inflammation being the triggering mechanisms that makes all chronic diseases including cancer worse. I will present evidence based research demonstrating that the plant based diets are key for prevention of chronic diseases and cancer. I will explain which foods one should avoid and which they should eat, especially if they already have cancer or at risk for cancer. In addition I will explain the importance of the gut microbiome, its role in immune functioning and the importance of examining food inflammatory triggers that are unique to each individual to lower their overall risk of chronic disease and cancer.

Reverse ChemoBrain with Brainwave Biofeedback - Hyla Cass M.D.

"I survived cancer, but struggle with chemo brain...what do I do?” Thousands of chemo brain sufferers are left with no hope and no effective treatment for this common sequelae of chemotherapy. It impacts not only the patient but their families. Come join Hyla Cass, MD in exploring new hope in treating chemo brain non-invasively with brainwave biofeedback. She will go over the recent scientific studies showing 90% overall improvement in 21 of 23 breast cancer survivors with chemo brain. Improvements include: Short and long term memory recall, restoration of quality of sleep, better overall cognitive function and reduction of anxiety. Treatments are drug fee and carry no side effects. Results are typically seen in as little as 7 sessions.

Cancer Killers- The Cause is the Cure! - Dr. Charles Majors

I. My story- diagnosed with metastasized cancer to the brain
II. Cancer doesnt make you sick your sickness over time creates the cancer
III. What cancer is exactly.
IV. Cancer as a survival mechanism.
V. Why the big 3 and why it keeps coming back.
VI. Getting to the Cause(s)- I will go through some of the causes of different types of cancers
VII. Toxicity and deficiency is the cause of all disease and solutions.

Emotional Balance Equals Physical Healing - Karen and Mark Hamlet

We will be discussing how emotional imbalance, current as well as past life traumas lead to physical illness and sickness over time. Physical illness can be a manifestation of an emotional imbalance in the natural flow of the body’s energy chakras. Emotions such as unresolved anger, resentment, hurts, addictions, traumas as well as grief from loss if unresolved over time can wreck havoc on our body’s natural ability to be healthy and heal itself. Unresolved emotional issues block the natural chi energy that we need to be healthy.