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DR THOMAS LODIDr. Thomas Lodi, MD has always been something of a brilliant enigma within the oncology community. His take on integrative, alternative and nutritional solutions to treating cancer has been viewed as radical. The rather direct stance he takes regarding empowering his patient to understand their body’s ability to heal using his program leaves some, if not many estranged. Despite all of this, his treatments have revolutionized the integrative side of the oncology industry worldwide and led many patients with cancer to the root of real healing and health restoration.  Nine years ago, Dr. Lodi founded his practice at An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, Arizona. At the time, few if any other centers provided a true mix of conventional and alternative medicine to help patients actually heal from their cancer. Add to the mix an organic whole foods diet, whole body cleansing, and spiritual healing, Dr. Thomas Lodi pioneered what has now become the definitive route for those unsatisfied with the modern cancer treatment system.

drgheadshotGARRY F. GORDON, MD, DO, MD (H), received his Doctor of Osteopathy in 1958 from the Chicago College of Osteopathy in Illinois, his honorary MD degree from the University of California Irvine in 1962 and completed his Radiology Residency from Mt. Zion in San Francisco, California in 1964.

091bcd7.jpg.jpegDr. Nalini ChilkovL.Ac., OMD is the Founder of, author of the best selling book 32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer | How to Create a Body In Which Cancer Cannot Thrive and a leading edge authority on Integrative Cancer Care, Immune Enhancement, Optimal Nutrition and Wellness Medicine combining BioMedical Science with Modern Chinese Medicine. Dr. Nalini’s OutSmart Cancer Programs are recognized as the most comprehensive, science based, safe, natural programs for supporting cancer patients, cancer survivors and those who do not want to get cancer in the future to Get Well, Stay Well and Live Well beyond cancer. For over thirty years, Dr. Nalini has helped thousands of people, many with serious and chronic illnesses achieve and maintain extraordinary health and longevity and is sought out by Award Winning Hollywood celebrities and insiders.  She is listed as a go to clinician in Susanne Sommer’s book Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place, has appeared as a cancer expert on NBC TV and been recognized by WebMD and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s as one of the Top Ten Online Influencers in Breast Cancer.  She writes a widely read blog on health and wellness and cancer prevention and cancer recovery for the prestigious Huffington Post. Dr. Nalini’s clinic is located in Santa Monica (Los Angeles), California.

dr._antonio_jimenez Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D. is the Founder and Medical Director of the Hope4Cancer® Institute located in Baja California, Mexico. Dr. Jimenez has 25 years of experience in both alternative and conventional forms of medicine. He has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research and implementation of science-based, effective, non-toxic natural strategies for patients with cancer and other chronic diseases. His treatment protocols are based on his “Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy”, a healing concept that he has shared with thousands of people in many audiences across the world.

8Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. attended the University of Texas School of Public Health, and then attended the University of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School. She completed her post-graduate training at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Connealy treats the WHOLE person, and is open to all potential treatment possibilities. She has over twenty years of experience in finding the ‘root cause of an illness’, and has taken numerous advanced courses, including homeopathic, nutritional and lifestyle approaches, while studying disease, chronic illness, and cancer treatments. She has a true passion to change her patients’ lives, and give them their life back.

thumb_chris_wark_headshot_1024Chris Wark - Diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003 at 26 years old, Chris Wark had surgery, but chose nutrition and natural therapies instead of chemotherapy. It worked. Today his mission is inspiring people to take control of their health and reverse disease with a radical transformation of diet and lifestyle. Chris has a health blog that has reached millions of people worldwide and he has made many appearances on radio and television including The Ricki Lake Show and The Lisa Oz Show. Chris will tell his incredible story and explain how he used nutrition and natural therapies to heal.

TY BOLLINGERTy Bollinger is a CPA, health freedom advocate, cancer researcher, former competitive bodybuilder and author. After losing several family members to cancer, he refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective treatments available for cancer patients. He began a quest to learn all he possibly could about alternative cancer treatments and the medical industry. What he uncovered was shocking. There is ample evidence to support the allegation that the "war on cancer" is largely a fraud and that multinational pharmaceutical companies are "running the show."

Ty has now made it his life mission to share the most remarkable discovery he made on his quest: the vast majority of all diseases, including cancer, can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery.

adam_teipel_headshot_1_2015Adam B. Teipel, MS, is one of the world’s first Associate Instructors and Practitioner Mentors for The Reconnection. He has provided Reconnective Healing sessions and The Reconnection since November of 2000. Immediately after attending the Training Programs, many of Adam’s clients reported remarkable physical and spiritual experiences as well as healings from a wide range of conditions. His current local practice is conveniently based in North County San Diego where he sees clients from across the planet. Since 2001, Adam has travelled globally as a primary instructor for the entire spectrum of The Reconnection Training formats. In addition to educating, training, and mentoring Reconnective Healing Practitioners internationally, Adam continues to accept invitations to introduce Reconnective Healing for public and private audiences across a myriad of demographics including universities and medical practices

DR Francisco Contreras, MDDr. Francisco Contreras, MD serves as director, president and chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital. A distinguished oncologist and surgeon, Contreras is renowned for combining conventional and alternative medical treatments with emotional and spiritual support to provide patients with the most positive treatment experience possible.

Oasis of Hope was founded by Contreras’ father, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr. in 1963, and since then the hospital has provided integrative cancer treatment for more than 100,000 patients. As director, Contreras continues the practice of his father’s two fundamental principles – do no harm and treat the patient as yourself. Today, Contreras oversees the treatment of 800 cancer patients annually.

clinic_09Pedram Shojai, OMD is a man with many titles. He is the founder of Well.Org, the editor of BeMore! Magazine, the author of Rise and Shine (Process, 2011), the producer and director of the movie “Vitality,” and the upcoming film, “Origins.” In his spare time, he’s also a taoist priest, a doctor of Oriental medicine, a kung fu world traveler, a fierce global green warrior, an avid backpacker, a devout alchemist, a Qi Gong Master, and an old school Jedi bio-hacker working to preserve our natural world and wake us up to our full potential.

paulbookDr. Paul Drouin is a Canadian M.D., Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Professor of Integrative Medicine and Founder and President of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM).  Many graduates of Quantum University have manifested their life’s passion by finding fulfilling jobs or enhancing their chosen careers in the healthcare field and are making a difference in their community. Through Creative Integrative Medicine, we empower ourselves to heal and to heal others.a

hcassmdlabrev2198x300Hyla Cass M.D. - Nationally acclaimed innovator and expert in the fields of integrative medicine and psychiatry, Dr. Cass helps individuals enhance mind, mood and energy with the use of natural supplements. Board-certified in psychiatry and neurology (ABPN)as well as in integrative and holistic medicine (ABIHM), she appears often as a guest on national radio and television, including The View and The Dr. Oz Show. She is the author of numerous articles and several popular books including: The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free (ebook); Natural Highs; 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health; Supplement your Prescription: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutrition; and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Treatments in Psychiatry (with Dan Stradford et al). Dr. Cass helps individuals withdraw safely and comfortably from addictive substances (including medication), and enhance mind, mood and energy with targeted nutritional supplements, many of which are he r own formulations. Most recently she has become medical advisor to ChemoBrain Recovery Centers, where individuals are given a course of brainwave biofeedback to successfully reverse this most debilitating condition.

bill_photo_compressedBill Henderson is on a crusade. His late wife’s four-year experience with ovarian cancer and its treatment convinced him that “there must be a better way.” After helping over 5,000 cancer patients in 68 countries all over the world heal themselves of their cancers for the last 16 years, Bill feels he knows why people get cancer and how they get over it. His mission is to spread that message to as many people as possible.

bio_pic_1.jpegDr. Katie Kangas received her DVM degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1993, Veterinary Acupuncturist Certification in 2008, and Veterinary Chiropractitioner Certification in 2011. She has advanced training in Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine and Food Therapy. Dr. Kangas works in private practice in San Diego, California. The Animal Healing Center offers an integrative approach to health care for pets, utilizing conventional diagnostics and treatment protocols in adjunct with multiple holistic modalities to optimize wellness. Her areas of special interest include food therapy and nutrition, dental health, acupuncture, and pain management. Dr. Kangas enjoys teaching and shares her passion for pet wellness by lecturing and presenting locally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Kangas has worked as a shelter veterinarian for more than 15 years and continues her efforts to improve the lives of homeless pets in her community, ultimately impacting opportunity for adoption into permanent homes.

sunilheadshot_119rrSunil Pai, MD is Board Certified in Holistic Integrative Medicine. After his residency in Family Medicine at the University of New Mexico, he became a Fellow of the Program in Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona (Class 2002) directed by Dr. Andrew Weil. He is certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and a Creating Health (Ayurveda Lifestyle) Instructor. He is also certified in Functional Medicine, Physiological Regulating Medicine, Medical Acupuncture and Scalp Acupuncture through Stanford University School of Medicine which is focused for pain and neurological conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Pai also specializes in Auriculotherapy focusing on treatment of both food and inhalant allergies. Dr. Pai is also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and teaches each patient about t he health benefits of eating whole food plant based diets. Dr. Pai has undergone specialized training in Ayurvedic Medicine at the Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda, and Intensive Yoga Therapies at the Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana in India. Dr. Pai actively publishes in cancer journals, lectures at conferences, assists with clinical trials and formulates natural products. His flagship formula which is patented and clinically tested called Bosmeric-SR is internationally recognized for being used successfully for chronic conditions and cancer. Dr. Pai’s will be highlighting important topics covered in his upcoming book called An Inflammation Nation

jackiebensinger2015_001Jackie Bensinger, L.Ac. has maintained a successful and heart-centered practice of Chinese medicine in San Diego for twenty years. During this time, Jackie completed over 50,000 acupuncture treatments for conditions ranging from the common cold to Parkinson's disease. She is laser focused on patient-centered care, qualitative and quantitative measurements to prove beneficial changes from treatment, lifestyle and nutritional counseling and education/homework for the mind-body-spirit connection. Chinese herbal medicine plays a substantial role in Jackie's practice for the treatment of the simple to the complex disease patterns. Ms. Bensinger graduated from the American Institute of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, has a B.A. degree from Emory and Henry College and two years toward a M.A. from the University of South Carolina. She writes column and articles and is currently completing "Mommy, My Tummy Hurts", a children's book on acupressure. Ms. Bensinger also has taught Qi Gong, meditation and Feng Shui in San Diego and in various cities throughout the U.S. Jackie has hosted her own radio show, "Pathways to Vitality" and appears on local television as part of her mission to empower us with the knowledge of natural medicine.

jameth_sheridan_nd_2003_webDr. Jameth Sheridan, Doctor of Holistic Medicine, Naturopath, and Hard-Core Natural Medicine Researcher, is one of the early pioneers of the Vegan, organic, holistic, and raw foods movements. As of 2013, he has been deeply immersed in holistic health for 29 years, veganism for 27 years, and raw foods for 26 years. He is a ceaseless researcher, experimenter, and inventor.  He is also the co-founder of HealthForce Nutritionals, which over the past 22 years has become one of the premier superfood and alternative medicine companies in the world, providing extreme quality and value bio-compatible nutritional superfoods internationally, including to people with life threatening conditions. Some of his most well known formulas are Vitamineral Green™, Vitamineral Earth™ and the HealthForce Healing Cleanse™. Other companies constantly seek out his unique formulation and product production expertise. He only agrees to a select few whose standards are high enough.

Susan Hall photoSusan Liberty Hall is an ordinary 69 year old Grandmother who simply loves all Divine Creation. She is devoted to prayer and helping others with health issues through the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and the teachings of D. Gary Young. More recently, she is sharing the Native American Healing Remedy, "Two Feathers Healing Formula" through her book, "Ha, I laugh in the face of Cancer". The goal of this book is to share the important Victory that she has had in overcoming the dreaded Cancer. She has done this without a Doctor, by herself, and at a very low cost. She is providing simple solutions for complex problems. Susan is a former Playboy Bunny at the London Casino and New Orleans Playboy Clubs, as well as a model and dancer in Japan. She is the sister of the Legendary Dr. Jerry Buss, late owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball team, and has dedicated her book to her brother who lost his fight with Cancer using conventional treatments. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona where she continues her Young Living Essential Oils business, as well as promoting her book, and wishes to share her success in overcoming Cancer to anyone who wishes her help.

Jared and veggiesJared AKA KID AGAINST CHEMO is 17 years old and was born with a rare heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome which eventually lead to a heart transplant at 4 months of age.  Jared was born into conventional medicine when you think about it. As the years passed Jared took many anti rejection medications and the doctors told his family he could eat however he wanted. In addition he went through routine testing for his heart transplant.

When Jared was 16 his mother got sick and no doctor knew what was wrong with her. She got fed up and turned to educating herself.  When she opened up their cabinets and started looking at all the ingredients in their foods she got a garbage can and emptied the cupboards. Her health improved and her family, including Jared watched the transformation. This was the start to their life changing.  Later that year Jared had stomach pains and was rushed to the ER where he had his appendix taken out.  At that time they noticed several tumors in his abdomen one being almost 10cm.  They were told Jared had stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and chemo needed to be started immediately.

Jared started the chemo and after one cycle (approx 5 treatments) he knew he was dying.  Between the bone pain, weight loss, sores through his whole GI system he told his family no more and he wanted to go home.  He knew that he may only have 6 months to live as the doctors told him without chemo they thought that was the time he had left.

So his mother frantically said we can't give up there has to be other ways.  Jared does many alternative treatments and started as soon as he got home from the hospital.Not only has Jared proved them wrong but all his testing has shown no tumors in the abdomen.  Jared has come back to health with the knowledge your body can do wonderful things.  Every day he works at his health and wants people to know there are choices.  He wants people to know you do have time to look into options. Jared's story has become quite popular and he is featured in February's issue of Green Living AZ Magazine.  He also has his own Facebook Page following his progress.  His mother and Jared have finished their first book of his life's journey  all proceeds go to his continued care.

Jared's goal is to one day open a natural hospital for children where they feel save and know that getting better doesn't have to be painful.  It is a lot of work but having a positive place and have the support as Jared knows would make a wonderful difference in this world.

GandSSedena and George Cappannelli, Co – Authors of Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living The Life You Were Born To Live For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday, winner of nine national book awards. (Hay House, April 2013) and soon to be released, The Best Is Yet To Be, How to Age Wisely and Fall In Love With Your Life Again and Getting Unstuck, Ten Simple Secrets To Embracing Change and Celebrating Life. (Simple Truths, 2014)
They are also Co-Founders of AgeNation, the multi-platform company that offers inspiration, education, engagement and solutions “for people who weren’t born yesterday” and Empower New Mexico, a 501C3 that supports people and organizations serving vulnerable sections of our aging population.
The Cappannelli’s are experts on individual, organizational and societal change and internationally known consultants, coaches and key note presenters who have worked with hundreds of the country’s leading organizations in both the private and public sectors, the people who lead them and thousands of individuals who have attended their public programs and workshops. Their previous books include: Say Yes to Change, 25 Keys to Making Change Work For You, Authenticity, A Guide To Greater Meaning and Purpose At Work and At Home.

dsc_6560_466x500Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, better known as “Dr. V,” has maintained successful practices in the Wellness Field since 1979.  Because of her passion for health and wellness, Dr. V undertook extensive studies in various fields of Energy Medicine. Specializing in Chiropractic, Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy, and Digital Thermography, Dr. V brings a unique approach to Health and Wellness.

After 30 years in active practice, she decided to “retire” and devote her time sharing her personal, non-toxic healing journey with Breast Cancer. Her years of experience and research have culminated as The 7 Essentials ™, a step-by-step coaching program.

Dr. V is a #1 best-selling author and has a # 1 Best Selling book on Amazon, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. Her website and her personal healing journey have touched the lives of thousands of women around the globe.

cns_photobliss_book-2Special Skype Presentation with Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is Founder and CEO of National Institute of Holistic Medicine and President of Shealy Wellness, LLC and of Holos Energy Medicine Education. He was founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978. He was founding President of Holos University Graduate Seminary and is now Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine. He has 12 patents in the field of Energy Medicine, has published 30 books and over 300 articles. Dr. Shealy began using acupuncture in 1966 and added electrical stimulation of the needles.  Dr. Shealy’s innovations include Dorsal Column Stimulation, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, the RejuvaMatrix ® for rejuvenating telomeres, the tips of DNA responsible for health and longevity. He has discovered 5 circuits in the human body that selectively raise DHEA, Aldosterone, Neurotensin, Oxytocin or Calcitonin, or lower free radicals. His most recent discovery is blends of essential oils, which can activate these circuits by Transcutaneous Acupuncture.

better_robert_photo_2013.jpegDr. Robert Dee McDonald is an internationally known author, trainer, speaker, Transpersonal Coach and Therapist. He holds a BA in Psychology, a Master of Science in Counseling and Mental Health, and a Doctorate in Divinity. He realizes that every illness is intimately related to emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Working throughout the world, he has assisted more than 50,000 people to resolve personal suffering in body, mind and spirit. For over 40 years, he has created and presented seminars on interpersonal communication and mental health skills at institutes, organizations, colleges, and universities in 18 countries on four continents, from China to Brazil to Finland.

Liana Werner-Gray, Biography Photos, NYC, 9/18/2013Liana Werner-Gray is an advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many health conditions including a pre-cancerous tumor, digestive issues and disorderly eating through embracing a natural lifestyle, she began lecturing and teaching about the Earth Diet internationally. Liana's book "The Earth Diet - Your Complete Guide To Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients" is published by Hay House. Liana teaches raw food and cooking classes around the world visiting 33 countries and has fed many people good-tasting, healthy foods and drinks.

large_marcusbeard_04Marcus Freudenmann is the founder and director of the "TRULY HEAL academy" and producer of the movie "TRULY HEAL from cancer". He is the author of the TRULY HEAL free patient guide, expert guide and coaching curriculum for health professionals. Marcus has dedicated his life to change how cancer is treated and perceived by the world and has empowered thousands of patients with lifesaving information. Marcus offers globally health education programs, workshops and retreats which help patients and health professionals alike to find and remove the cause of cancer rather than treating symptoms.

drporterpic2Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. is an award-winning author, consultant, successful entrepreneur, inventor and experienced speaker. Through his 24 years of operational research in the dynamics of change and business decision making, he has become an expert on the Optimum Risk Zone.

He is founder of Positive Changes, the world’s largest franchise network of lifestyle improvement centers. Dr. Porter’s successes were featured in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, People, Entrepreneur, and INC, as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, the Discovery Channel and the Sally Jesse Raphael Show.

beach_pic_frankFRANK CASTRO: Professionally, I’m a UnitedHealthcare employee who manages a Contract Operational Team in Network Management in support of our WEST Region. On a personal note, I am happily married to a beautiful wife and have two wonderful boys who are now 20 and 22. I spend quality time with my family doing family events, trips going out to dinner, ballgames and from a spiritual standpoint we have a solid rock foundation in matters of faith. From a social standpoint, I am active doing advocacy work for cancer, and reach out to other cancer patients to provide hope, inspiration and words of encouragement. I enjoy playing baseball during weekends and overall live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I am currently nearing my second anniversary of being cancer free.
Here is my story. In October 2011, at age 45, I had a colonoscopy and was stunned with the grim results. It was colorectal cancer and worse yet, I soon learned it had spread to my liver. I was told it was Stage IV with a six percent survival rate. I recall doctors telling me, “You should get your family affairs in order.”

cristina_smithCristina Smith - Author, healer and inspirational speaker, Cristina Smith was voted Favorite Medical Intuitive on in 2013. Cristina’s writings, sessions and programs skillfully weave proven techniques and profound wisdom from the subtle energy realms of healing and the esoteric into ways to make your life better now.  A long time Bio-Vibrational healer and teacher, Cristina serves as a Panacea Life School Core Master Teacher and is the founder/president of the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is the founder and Chief Energy Officer of the Subtle Energy Center, producer of four Subtle Energy Retreats and host of the Subtle Energy Salon radio show. Host of global video webinars, co-producer and host of the Healing, Magic and Mystery Summit and member of the Wisdom Council of the Energy Medicine Exchange, Cristina is a contributing author to and editor of 27 Flavors of Fulfillment and featured columnist in Om Times Magazine.

burg_shirt_touchup_copyEmmett Miller, MD, pioneer Mind-Body physician, Co-founder of the first Cancer Support and Education center for teaching self-healing skills, invented the world’s first meditation/guided imagery cassettes and CDs. His voice is unequalled in its quality, and the healing states it induces enhance his poetic imagery. Author of seven books ranging from his classic Deep Healing – The Essence of Mind Body Medicine to Our Culture On The Couch – 7 Steps to Global Healing. His website,, has been acclaimed as the premier site on the web for self-healing, peak performance, personal growth, and global transformation, and provides access to his hundreds of self-healing audio and video programs.

elainegibson_gravatarElaine Gibson has been cited as one of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Natural Cancer Survivors by Extreme Health Radio. It is never too late to find your path to abundant health. Elaine didn't get started until she was in her sixties.

Elaine has turned her journey of conquering Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols into Renewed Living where she shares her hard-won lessons so you too can lose weight, have more energy, create and renew optimum health. She offers seasonal detox, online programs, live workshops, public speaking and private coaching. In full disclosure, Elaine admits to being a total green juiceaholic.

Today she is a health coach, certified raw food educator and chef, Juice Guru practioner, green technology specialist, speaker, author and grandmother, Elaine Gibson has added several professional titles around her name at an age when many people are winding down, not ramping up. Elaine has entirely too much energy for winding down.  Her goal is to help you "look & feel extraordinary"!

032cMaria Aparis, Health & Wellness Mentor specializing in holistic and alternative modalities.  Maria is an Essential Oil Educator, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Healer, Massage Therapist, and Raw Food Chef and Instructor.

Maria's primary focus is sharing the holistic and medicinal properties of Essential Oils.  She travels throughout the country teaching workshops and seminars on how essential oils can have a profound effect on one's physical and emotional well-being.

By combining Reiki with Massage, Kundalini Yoga and Breathing Techniques, Mantra's and Mudra's, she facilitates, guides and empowers her clients to break through mental, physical and emotional barriers.

Maria is also the Owner and Director of the Sybaris Rejuvenation Lounge Spa, located in the ocean front luxury Shangri La Hotel in beautiful Santa Monica, California.  Maria created and designed this exclusive sanctuary dedicated specifically to physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Most recently, Maria was asked to join the team at The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine which is a holistic wellness and medical center with facilities in Columbia, MD, Woodland Hills, CA, Brentwood, CA, and Los Angeles, CA.  Led by Dr. DV, CCIM specializes in reversing, preventing, and treating chronic medical illness in the scope of internal medicine.

pqblackturtlenecklauren1013Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS is an internationally recognized expert in nutrition and cancer. He has 27 years experience as a clinical nutritionist, of which 10 years were spent as the Vice President of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America where he worked with thousands of cancer patients in a hospital setting. He has earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in nutrition and is a registered and licensed dietitian (RD & LD) and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). He has appeared on over 40 television and 220 radio shows nationwide. He has been a consultant to the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Army Breast Cancer Research Group; taught college nutrition for 9 years. His 17 books have sold over 2 million copies and include the international best seller BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION. He edited the textbook, ADJUVANT NUTRITION IN CANCER TREATMENT after organizing 3 CME symposia on the same subject.

gant_formalDr. Chas Gant, MD, Ph.D,  Instructor of Functional Medicine and Genomics at Huntington College of Health Sciences, which is the first distance-learning, nutrition college accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), and which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.  Chairman and Chief Medical Officer at the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics (www.academyoffunctionalmedicine). Weekly webinar-based training for healthcare professionals in functional medicine and genomics and other aspects of integrative medicine, such as mindfulness-based psychotherapy, neurofeedback, IV amino acid precursor therapies for neurotransmitter restoration, etc.

bhaerman_swamiSteve Bhaerman is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For more than 25 years, he has written and performed as Swami Beyondananda, the "Cosmic Comic." Swami's comedy has been described both as "comedy disguised as wisdom" and "wisdom disguised as comedy." Noted author Marianne Williamson has called him “The Mark Twain of our generation.”  Since 2005, Steve has written a political blog with a spiritual perspective, Notes From the Trail. His latest book, written with cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (Hay House, 2009).

al_jr_Al Sanchez, Jr. is a former college instructor, researcher, entrepreneur and current president of AMARC Enterprises. After losing both his mother, Julia, and sister, Tina and maternal grandmother, to colon cancer, he committed to joining his family, friends and colleagues in the quest to find better options, access to information, treatments, and ultimately, a cure for those stricken with cancer and other health challenges. Al speaks at health conferences throughout the world, where he shares with audiences his scientific presentations on degenerative disease and his in-depth experiences and knowledge of health that have helped many people find answers, hope and a better quality of life.

_dsf8898Constance Finley is the founder and CEO of Constance Pure Botanical Extracts - a medicinal cannabis collective that manufactures and distributes what is broadly recognized as the highest quality cannabis extracts made today. Trained as a clinical psychologist, she taught Jungian Psychology and worked as a child and family therapist. She switched course to secure extensive graduate training in tax, accounting and finance. She managed money for wealthy individuals and then founded a company pioneering the use of tax credits to house the working poor from corporate equity investments. At 44, a severe and life long autoimmune condition brought Constance’s career to a halt. After ten years of being housebound and incorrectly diagnosed, she found incremental relief through vaporizing cannabis. That led her to found the collective that is Constance Pure Botanical Extracts in 2008.

elizabethplourde2Elizabeth Plourde is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner. Her education is augmented by invaluable experience while working with cutting-edge medical research laboratories for two decades. Applying this knowledge and background, her research has been devoted to hormone interactions, toxins that interfere with their balance, and most recently to the cellular disruptions of electromagnetic radiations that impact the body’s ecosystem.

Author of: EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution;
Sunscreens - Biohazard: Treat As Hazardous Waste;
Hysterectomy: The Best or Worst Thing that Ever Happened to Me?;
Your Guide to Hysterectomy, Ovary Removal & Hormone Replacement

joans_head_shotJoan Jackson - Raw food saved my life. And in return, I’ve spent the last nine plus years teaching people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease… how to make the raw-food lifestyle work in their real lives. In 2005, I was a depressed single-mom attorney who weighed 320+ pounds. It was change or die so I changed. I went organic, vegan and mostly raw overnight. I lost 150 pounds and reversed disease. And I realized that making the raw-food lifestyle work, in real life, required systems. The gap between INTENTION and IMPLEMENTATION is what prevents most people from eating a significantly raw diet.

I changed careers from law to raw in order to help more people with the system I've created to make the raw-food lifestyle simple, satisfying and sustainable. It was the best career move ever!

pic_10Andrea Cox is a former model turned author, celebrity raw vegan chef and TV personality! Her social media following is HUGE and growing by the nano second because of her authentic way of expressing herself and turning her pain into healing!

Andrea is the creator of The Digital Detox program and runs juice fasting retreats at the number one health spa in Southern California!

Although I am happy to have put my eating disorder as a fitness model behind me I will never forget the path that I have gone through to get me where I am today. I wrote about this in my first book Raw-lic-ious and have been working on my third book day and night to go into details about how I healed my mind and my body.

It has been nine years since I fought the battle and won! Now I have received national coverage in the media and authored two books helping others heal their body through juicing, body love and living raw vegan foods!

547514_4616468137260_424559295_nRonnie Landis is one of the leading sources for raw living foods and super foods, tonic herbalism, detoxification, blender alchemy, peak performance strategies, and functional nutrition. He is an author, dynamic speaker, and life style design specialist who conducts live presentations, workshops, raw chocolate parties, private consultations, and retreats regularly. He is the author of January 2014 released The Life Food Peak Performance System. Ronnie focuses his message on inspiring audiences to live outside their boundaries by eating, thinking, and living in a way that supports radical transformation.

leos_headshotLeo Szymborski President/ Founder of pH Prescription
I have worked in the water treatment and purification business for over 30 years. In that time I design all types of water treatment systems for Toxic chemical removal, Medical Kidney Dialysis, to Sea Water Desalination. In (2007) I came across the most exciting thing I ever seen, alkaline anti-oxidant water. I was very impress with the way it made me feel. But I did not agree with the pre filtration on these systems, too much bad stuff was left in the water. Like fluorides, pharmaceutical drugs, Arsenic, Bacteria, Nitrates, Radiation and much more. In my 30 plus years in the water purification business we have been very effective at removing all this bad stuff from water. So I was on a quest to find out what was the best way to produce this type of water and make it affordable and safe.

grill3620Dr. John Grill graduated from University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry in 1977. His family has been in California for four generations. He completed a residency in Hospital Based-dentistry at the Verterans' Administration in Iowa City, IA. He has been a Biological Dentist since 1992. He just moved his practice to a new office shared with a Naturopathic Doctor and a world-class Nutritionist to provide a more complete approach to good health.

majors.jpgDr. Charles Majors has devoted over 15 years studying health and healing to prevent and reverse diseases through natural methods. He is the co-author of 2 books- Maximized Living Makeover and Cruise Ship or Nursing Home. He graduated from University of Illinois with a bachelors of Science and went on to receive his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. In less than 10 years he has opened 6 chiropractic clinics. He is a highly sought after speaker and Dr. Majors has given hundreds of live lecture events in the past 10 years. In September 2010 he was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer that metastasized to his brain, with only weeks to live, he left conventional medicine and applied the same principles he had been teaching for years to reverse his own cancer and not only survive but thrive. He lives in Plainfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with his beautiful wife Andrea and their 4 children.

dr_ren_1_concept_Dr. Ren is a Board Certified, Award Winning Naturopath from Union, NJ with a practice in Health ‘EDUtainment’. In addition to being an Amazon best selling author, and President of the NJ Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Ren is on a mission to empower Health Consumers when it comes to making integrative lifestyle choices. There is no doubt you will catch ‘Contagious Gratitude’ from the Naturopath you want in large doses! Stay tuned for her upcoming show in 2015: “Dr. Ren Holistic America”

mckusick_headshotEileen McKusick is a researcher, writer, educator and therapist who has been studying the effects of audible sound on the human body and its biofield since 1996. She is the originator of a unique tuning fork healing method called Sound Balancing and the author of the recently published "Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy" (Healing Arts Press, 2014).  Eileen has an MA in Integrative Education, and is currently at work on a PhD in Integral Health with a focus on Biofield Science. She teaches a course on Sound Healing in the Wellness and Alternative Medicine undergraduate program at Johnson State College in Vermont, and teaches and practices the Sound Balancing method in Vermont and California.

Carlos_Caridad_Sacred_SealCarlos Caridad - Carlos started practicing meditation and pranayamas at age 19. He learned how to move the energy inside his body at will. He was able to heal him self from health challenges and pains. He worked for an integrative cancer clinic for 23 years where he learned just about every possible way to heal cancer naturally.

In 2004 his 3 year old son became seriously ill with an autoimmune disease. He and his wife were able to restore his health using homeopathy and energy healing. The success of his son’s healing, lead Carlos to study different methods of energy healing. In 2009 Carlos became a Reiki master practitioner and started his energy healing practice. Carlos enjoys seeing his clients smiling after their energy healing sessions, while energetic blockages are removed from their bodies, minds and souls!

mark_white_yurtMark Abadi is a Holistic Psychologist, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Therapist & Author working with health and wellbeing from a multi-disciplinary perspective. He teaches advanced mindfulness meditation globally, offers individual personal development sessions, and writes on the subject of Science, Spirituality and Self. He has two degrees in psychology and several diplomas in Holistic and Complementary Medicine. He spent years researching the biological, psychological and electromagnetic interactive nature of the body’s communication systems. He is an expert in the interaction of the mind/body matrix and at maximising change through a multileveled therapy practice. With a great interest in how acceptance leads to change increasing health, happiness and wellbeing.

bottle_giftELIXIR is the founder and master educator behind an innovative health certification program that is dedicated to demystifying holistic health modalities for the Western World. As the health professionals secret weapon I Fast-Track Western Practitioners to integrate powerful holistic healing tools without wasting decades of times and hoards of money on dogma heavy curriculum.

karenmarkKaren and Mark Hamlet are both certified Usui Reiki Shihan Masters studying the Usui Reiki Ryoho method of natural healing as well as Tibetan natural healing techniques. They are also involved with mediation sound techniques after taking courses and becoming involved with The Monroe Institute they are now out reach chapter leaders for the Institute in the area of San Diego.

l.hannaLorri Hanna is a nationally Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and a Licensed Professional Counselor who believes life’s journey requires wandering in nature and navigating the landscape of the soul. She is the founder of Barefoot Souls, a movement and wellness practice in Birmingham, AL that offers yoga dance, nature-based retreats and expressive arts for optimal health and wellness. Lorri is also the co-founder and former Executive Director of Soltreks, a wilderness program for young adults seeking personal growth experiences. Following her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012, Lorri found healing and a path to wellness through Shake Your Soul® yoga dance. She is a Certified Shake Your Soul® Instructor, trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and a Certified Wilderness First Responder.

Jean PhotoJean Swann is a leader in the Holistic Health Field, with a background in Print and Broadcast Journalism. Inspired to share new paradigms with a worldwide audience, Jean is CoFounder of Integrated Health International,
Editor in Chief of Integrated Health Magazine and Founder/Host of the teleseminar series The Wisdom Show. As a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Jean maintained a successful health practice for almost a decade. Jean studied naturopathy at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine and attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in N.Y.C. Jean is also a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach and holds certifications as a Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner, Reiki Master and ThetaHealing Practitioner. Before embarking on a journey that involved many years of study in the natural healing field, Jean was an award-winning print journalist and radio news anchor/talk show host at several radio stations and networks in the New York City market, including ABC, CNBC, Financial News Network, Bloomberg Radio and CBS’s 1010 WINS, the top rated all-news station in the United States.

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Nathan Crane is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, and conscious filmmaker dedicated to helping make possible for every human being the possibility to live a healthy, sustainable, meaningful life.

From addiction, dependency, jail, and homelessness, to a profound spiritual awakening becoming a highly sought after international entrepreneur of personal empowerment, Nathan found his life’s purpose in helping people experience more health, joy, and fulfillment in their lives -dissolving harmful habits and mental attachments - and experiencing physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual transformation.

Nathan is the President and CEO of Integrated Health International, an organization dedicated to raising awareness around integrative and alternative solutions to preventing, healing, and reversing degenerative disease.